the trinity (compilation songs, 2022–23)
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salomé  (infinite summer: fantasi, 2022 katharsis)
inspired by alessandro bonvicino's salomé painting 

sidereus (little too emotional, 2023 LTE)
inspired by echoes of nebula

messxage (exhalation, 2023 ÖÖÖ) w/ sonic mix on
mess age
inspired by AI robot sophia 

il faut degarder le feu ou brûler dedans (film)

sune from aestum LP is a part of the soundtrack for a new movie by caroline poggi and jonathan vinel premiered in august at locarno film festival, now screening around other festivals. watch out for it.

il faut degarder le feu ou brûler dedans
(watch the fire or burn inside it)

with caroline poggi, bendik giske, pan daijing
music by merely, aestum, eterna, bendik giske, jonathan vinel
produced by 444 films

Mobirise w/ aestum  (LYL, 7 APR 2022)
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resolution w/ aestum (balamii, 18 MAY 2022)
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experimental and deeplifting mixture of melancholy, calm and tranceformation aired on lyl radio and balamii feat. AI voices talking about aestum and the things behind.

united in flames  (NTS, 3 NOV 2021)
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w/ aestum & malibu — a guest mix at malibu's heartwarming ambient show united in flames on NTS radio.


aestum (LP, 14 JUL 2021)
artwork by emma pryde
additional lyrics and vocals by bobbie 0rkid
mastered by kassian troyer at D&M, berlin
distributed by kompakt  
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an in-depth journey into supreme and tranceformative soundscapes. the combination of monolithic electronica with decaying fantasies and slow-motion euphoria reinvents the distant remnants for a state of trance, a multiverse vision of feeling that was evoked by timeless parties and almost religious peak-time anthems during end of 90’s and 00’s. for reaching new enigmatic spheres the compositions are often accompanied with dreamy messages and heavenly choirs of bobbie 0rkid.

aestum — aestum
AMMXX1 (ltd purple vinyl, digital)

I panortosia 6:23
II himmel 5:26
III inter-inert 5:39
IV idyla 4:03
V cf. V 3:40    
VI sune 3:27
VII kilo4 4:07
VIII hymnus 5:53
IX amn 2:35
X lux II (digital bonus) 3:04


ora et lege (curated playlist)
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a soundtrack made in collaboration with gertie adelaido for ora et lege (pray and read) exhibition at broumov monastery, CZ (w/ ed atkins, kamila bischof, jesse darling, liam gillick, martin kohout, florian meisenberg, slavs and tatars).


solsitere mix (hibernal solstice AD 2020)

honoring the festivity of the sun appearing to stand still in the sky: MON, 21 DEC 2020, 5:02 EST / 11:02 C.

blasted heath (30 MAR 2020, EP)
artwork by nik timkova and jakub hosek
mastered by schwa at ORM
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originally composed for blasted heath exhibition at A.M.180 gallery. as the curatorial concept itself, the tonality is inspired by h.p. lovecraft's novel the colour out of space, whilst compositions and sound layers are influenced by the works of exhibitited artists asma (MEX), Kinke Kooi (NL), siggy sekira (AT), zhou siwei (CN) and viktor timofeev (USA).

aestum — blasted heath
AMMXX0 (digital)

I timofeev 4:16
II kooi 4:44
III siwei 6:22
IV sekira 3:26
V asma 4:49
VI siwei (off-beats) 6:22

'let us transfer it to this supreme and sacrosanct use, so that the harmony of aestum shall be praise in harmonious measures.' — comenius, panortosia

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